January 2018

Clear glass beads and jewels - DIY necklace design idea

I was thinking about clear glass beads and how much more "presence" they have than you might imagine.  Sheer jewels, and clear beads, can be fantastic! Here's just one example. 



Even with clear glass jewels, your necklace design can have real style - it doesn't disappear. Think about it - a beautiful necklace that goes with everything. Talk about smart as well as gorgeous!


Prom Jewelry - golden tan teardrops with tiny rhinestones

Just wanted to mention, these are turning into my customer favorites for prom earrings! They're sparkly, pretty, and have just a bit more pizzazz than clear (white) rhinestones. Not to mention that they aren't just "bridal" style.  


golden tan teardrops with tiny rhinestones...great prom earring jewels


Make your own prom jewelry - save money, look great!


Amethyst rhinestones...the birthstone color for February

Yes, I've mentioned birthstones before - both precious and semi-precious gemstones, and birthstone colors in rhinestone and glass. Using these stones is such an easy way to personalize your jewelry gifts. and of course you know that buying rhinestones in gemstone colors is just plain affordable, who can't appreciate that these days? And as you can see, these stones can also be beautiful :-)


amethyst rhinestone pendant in silver or brass setting... the birthstone for February