February 2018

DIY earring design idea - bridal jewels!

These clean-lined vintage glass jewels in shades of white (yes there are differences!) would be perfect for a modern bride. The opaque white teardrops were made in post-war Japan, so they're 70 or more years old - don't they look great? And the "white opal" octagons are vintage too - from the late 50s I think (that's what the packaging looked like - if you want more info just ask!) 

Paired together, they make a lovely pair of earrings - perfect for a bride. "Something old" - but somehow modern too - love it! 



Emerald green glass beads for St. Patrick's Day

Of course we don't need to wear emerald green jewelry for St. Patrick's Day - but it's kind of fun, you know? Something affordable, and easy, and flattering. Like these pretty jewels: 

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