March 2018

April birthstone crystal diamonds

Okay, the official birthstone for April is diamonds. But for those of us in the real world, "diamonds" can be "crystal" or "crystal diamonds" very happily.  I love being able to wear a new pair of crystal earrings this month. It's totally not in my budget to get a new pair of diamond earrings right now. And hey, that's okay! I still love sparkly, pretty glass jewels - and these faceted crystal square or diamond-shape jewels are great :-) 



Deal of the Day - a BOGO sale

Just a quick note to introduce a new BOGO sale - buy one, get one free. These pretty spring jewels are opaque aqua glass cabochons - vintage from (I believe) the 1950s - email if you want to know more about my dating system! 



This is a "deal of the Day" - for Friday, March 23, 2018, if you buy one pair of these vintage cabochons, you get another pair free - and you can request another pair of jewels for your freebie (equal or lesser value though).  One day only - don't wait! 


New BOGO Sale

Okay, this is just for fun! right now I'm loving the classic look of "emerald cut" (octagon shaped) rhinestones. They have a classy, expensive look to them - without costing a lot of money.  So here's my idea. This week's BOGO sale is, buy any pair of octagon jewels in my shop - and get a second pair free! You get to choose the second pair (subject to availability and all that) - your choice of color and size.