September 2019

Statement earrings made with black diamond glass jewels

These statement earrings are made with classic black diamond (deep gray) glass jewels - the combination of small faceted octagon glass connectors and large, beautiful black diamond teardrops really works! 

black diamond earring design idea made with teardrops and octagons


You don't have to have bold, vivid color to make a statement - these earrings are a neutral that stands out without shouting. You can customize the idea of course - using different stones, smaller teardrops, round glass gems - but this is a great way to illustrate that "quiet" color can be fantastic and strong earrings! 

Earrings made with brass filigree and rainbow charms

This earring design features 10mm round "rivoli" faceted gems (the faceting comes to a gentle point in the middle). The glass gems are linked with 20 gauge jump rings to the patina brass filigrees - easy to use and secure. 

earrings featuring brass filigree connectors and rainbow glass gems

Of course you can easily customize this design with your own choice of glass gems - rivoli rounds as shown here, or teardrops for example. Personalize the color choices, using your customer's birthstone color, or her favorite. You know what I mean - run with the idea!

Earring design with brass filigree flowers and sapphire glass gems

Here's a gorgeous DIY jewelry design idea for earrings or pendants :-) 


earrings made with brass filigree flower charms and sapphire glass oval gems

These elements make a lovely pair of earrings - and they're easy. Attach golden brass jump rings to the top of the sapphire jewel settings - link the same jump ring to one of the small rings on the brass filigree. Add earwires - gold plated brass leverbacks as shown, or earring posts or clip-ons - and your earrings are ready to wear!