Happy Mother's Day

This is the most important thing you can give your mom for Mother's Day - a hug, your love, and maybe take some chores off her hands. Take her to church if she likes that, take her out to eat, or bring a picnic to her so she can relax at home and still not have to cook. 

Of course I hope she loves the jewelry you made for her - or the dress - or the tickets to the ball game if that's her thing :-)  But the most important thing is your letting her know how important she is to you, how much love she brings to your world, and then maybe something you can do to make her life easier.  Even if it's just taking out the trash, cleaning your room, or sharing a weekend at Disneyland. 

She's mom. Let her know how important she is.  All the rest is just details :-) 

I do have to add - hey, if you want a quick, easy, inexpensive gift for your mom - a pretty pair of rhinestone heart earrings would totally work. Like these :-)


Of course you can choose another color. Or shape. The part that counts? A gift from you, to your mom. She'll love it!

Happy Mother's Day!


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