Happy Mother's Day

This is the most important thing you can give your mom for Mother's Day - a hug, your love, and maybe take some chores off her hands. Take her to church if she likes that, take her out to eat, or bring a picnic to her so she can relax at home and still not have to cook. 

Crystal oval bridal rhinestone jewels - new in my shop

These pretty rhinestone ovals are crystal rhinestone pendant or earring jewels that are perfect for bridal and wedding jewelry! They're classic, simple, have beautiful faceting - and they'll complement your wedding gown beautifully :-) 



For an introductory week, from April 16 through April 22, you can buy one pair of these pretty crystal ovals - and get a second pair free. Or choose another pair of crystals, equal or lesser value. You'll love them! 

White glass cabochons for bridal jewels - and a BOGO sale!

These classic white glass cabochons are 10mm in diameter - that's approx. 3/8". They're available in golden brass, patina (antiqued) brass, or silver plated brass prong settings so you can use them for earrings, tiny pendants, or glass connectors (think how great they'd be for bracelets, for example!) 

For the modern bride, they're perfect (and keep reading, after the pic, for details about the BOGO sale!)


Springtime! and a new BOGO sale :-)

It's been snowing here with record-setting cold - which would be discouraging, but you know? it's going to be warm soon.  From 20 to 70 degrees in one week :-)  And I'm feeling like springtime (fingers crossed anyway!) 

And yellow just seems to be a sunshiney thing.  So for the next few days, if you buy any of my jonquil yellow jewels, you get another second pair free (equal or lesser value, you know how that works).  Don't these make you think of springtime? 



Deal of the Day - Peridot Rhinestone Pendant

I just added this gorgeous peridot green rhinestone pendant to my store - so for one day, there's a terrific Deal of the Day :-)



For one day only, April 5, 2018, buy one of these gorgeous peridot green glass teardorp pendants - and you can pick out a pair of coordinating earring jewels for free! Just let me know what your earring choices are - and thank you!

And check back often for more "Deal of the Day" specials - hey, it's fun, and you save money!

April birthstone crystal diamonds

Okay, the official birthstone for April is diamonds. But for those of us in the real world, "diamonds" can be "crystal" or "crystal diamonds" very happily.  I love being able to wear a new pair of crystal earrings this month. It's totally not in my budget to get a new pair of diamond earrings right now. And hey, that's okay! I still love sparkly, pretty glass jewels - and these faceted crystal square or diamond-shape jewels are great :-) 



Deal of the Day - a BOGO sale

Just a quick note to introduce a new BOGO sale - buy one, get one free. These pretty spring jewels are opaque aqua glass cabochons - vintage from (I believe) the 1950s - email if you want to know more about my dating system! 



This is a "deal of the Day" - for Friday, March 23, 2018, if you buy one pair of these vintage cabochons, you get another pair free - and you can request another pair of jewels for your freebie (equal or lesser value though).  One day only - don't wait! 


New BOGO Sale

Okay, this is just for fun! right now I'm loving the classic look of "emerald cut" (octagon shaped) rhinestones. They have a classy, expensive look to them - without costing a lot of money.  So here's my idea. This week's BOGO sale is, buy any pair of octagon jewels in my shop - and get a second pair free! You get to choose the second pair (subject to availability and all that) - your choice of color and size. 



DIY earring design idea - bridal jewels!

These clean-lined vintage glass jewels in shades of white (yes there are differences!) would be perfect for a modern bride. The opaque white teardrops were made in post-war Japan, so they're 70 or more years old - don't they look great? And the "white opal" octagons are vintage too - from the late 50s I think (that's what the packaging looked like - if you want more info just ask!) 

Paired together, they make a lovely pair of earrings - perfect for a bride. "Something old" - but somehow modern too - love it! 



Emerald green glass beads for St. Patrick's Day

Of course we don't need to wear emerald green jewelry for St. Patrick's Day - but it's kind of fun, you know? Something affordable, and easy, and flattering. Like these pretty jewels: 

emerald green glass teardrops on sale at Weekend Jewelry online jewelry supplies shop