Clear glass beads and jewels - DIY necklace design idea

I was thinking about clear glass beads and how much more "presence" they have than you might imagine.  Sheer jewels, and clear beads, can be fantastic! Here's just one example. 



Even with clear glass jewels, your necklace design can have real style - it doesn't disappear. Think about it - a beautiful necklace that goes with everything. Talk about smart as well as gorgeous!


Prom Jewelry - golden tan teardrops with tiny rhinestones

Just wanted to mention, these are turning into my customer favorites for prom earrings! They're sparkly, pretty, and have just a bit more pizzazz than clear (white) rhinestones. Not to mention that they aren't just "bridal" style.  


golden tan teardrops with tiny rhinestones...great prom earring jewels


Make your own prom jewelry - save money, look great!


Amethyst rhinestones...the birthstone color for February

Yes, I've mentioned birthstones before - both precious and semi-precious gemstones, and birthstone colors in rhinestone and glass. Using these stones is such an easy way to personalize your jewelry gifts. and of course you know that buying rhinestones in gemstone colors is just plain affordable, who can't appreciate that these days? And as you can see, these stones can also be beautiful :-)


amethyst rhinestone pendant in silver or brass setting... the birthstone for February


Garnet rhinestone and glass jewels - the birthstone color for January

Hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas! I know you're already thinking of your January birthday girls. If you're making a present for your mom, or daughter, or BFF - or for a customer who wants to give a January birthstone gift - these garnet glass gems are a wonderful choice. 



DIY earrings design - customized jewelry with your favorite colors :-)

This pic shows an example of how easy it can be to make custom designed earrings - using classic rhinestone jewels and choosing your own fave colors. The example here shows light colorado topaz - a gorgeous light golden tan: 



Using all one color creates a fabulous cohesive design - add jump rings and earwires and you're good to go! But if you prefer, you could choose two or three different colors to make customized jewelry. Perhaps the birthstone colors of your customer's three children - or her personal favorites. 

December birthstone - BOGO Deal of the Day

Here's a great way to save money - and personalize your new jewelry creations with December birthstone colors :-)

The birthstone "colors" or gem colors for December are beautiful blues - turquoise, tanzanite, and blue zircon. Happily, I have several aqua and turquoise glass jewels and cabochons available in my shop - and for my new Deal of the Day, you can buy one get one free :-) 


There are many more shapes and styles to choose from in your aqua and blue zircon color range. Click on the pic to see more :-)

DIY earring design with brass filigree and rhinestone teardrops

One of the most useful, beautiful ideas - combining glass jewels (these emerald green rhinestone teardrops, for example) with brass filigree "ornaments" - the flower connectors shown here. 



Connect these jewelry components with jump rings, add earwires, and your jewelry is ready to wear! Or ready to gift - such lovely Christmas earrings. Adaptable of course, use different colors, different charms, add your own elements - this is DIY jewelry design you can use!

Red rhinestone earring jewels - new BOGO Deal of the Day

Just in time for the holidays! Red rhinestone teardrop jewels, petite and pretty, are my new Deal of the Day. Buy one get one free - a BOGO special sale :-) 



Buy one pair of these red teardrop earring jewels - and get a second pair free! Or you can choose any pair of the rhinestone glass jewels in my shop of equal or lesser value.  

White opal tiny rhinestones Deal of the Day

We're looking at "white opal" rhinestones today because they're lovely - and on sale :-) My new BOGO (buy one, get one free) "Deal of the Day" features these pretty rhinestone triple connectors. 



Buy any pair of these useful and gorgeous rhinestone connector links - and choose a second pair for free. And yes, you can choose the color!  For one day only - November 6, 2017 - and while supplies last :-) 

Have fun with these!

Crystal rhinestone bridal earring jewels

Just a quick note to mention that bridal earrings like these pretty octagon duos are always, always in style. And not just for brides, of course. 



These would be wonderful for holiday earrings. Or Christmas morning. Or Christmas gifts (hint to the buys, hey, can't hurt). 

And you can choose the color of the tiny rhinestone at the top of the setting :-)