White vintage glass teardrops in a new Deal of the Day

These "winter white" glass teardrops (sometimes called 'chalk white' in the jewelry biz - hey, they're white, okay? A good clean opaque white) are great in winter and summer - and right now, they're the new Deal of the Day :-)  



For one day, October 20, 2017, buy any pair of these vintage teardrops and get a second pair free. Or - your choice - you could request another pair of coordinating jewels of equal or lesser value. One day only, mind you - don't wait! 





Golden topaz - November birthstone and Deal of the day

Golden topaz is like sunshine - and it's the birthstone color for November. Two reasons you'll love using golden topaz glass gems. And one more reason? These gorgeous pendants are the October 18, 2017 Deal of the Day :-)



For one day, October 18, 2017, your "deal of the day" - buy one golden topaz teardrop pendant, and get a second one free! Or you can choose another item - equal or lesser value - just let me know your choice when you order! 

Crystal rhinestone earrings - BOGO deal of the day

And these pretty earring jewels are an example of why DIY jewelry is such a good idea. Sometimes you need something inexpensive, pretty, and NOW.  And you don't want radical. You want lovely. Like these :-)



Use them "as is" - add earwires or posts and your bridal earrings or Prom earrings or Sunday church earrings - are ready to wear. Or use them as components, with other beads and jewels added. It's still easy and you'll love them. 

Tiny Rhinestones - you choose the color - Deal of the Day

Because my tiny rhinestone connector beads are so easy to use - and you can customize your jewelry so easily! My new Deal of the Day - buy any pair of the rhinestone connectors (yes, you choose the color) - and get a pair of 14x10 teardrops free (just tell me which pair works for you!) 



Choose from any of the colors on the page linked - and if you don't see the color you need, just send me anote, I usually have more stashed! 

One day only - October 10, 2017 - buy one pair of rhinestone connectors, and get pretty 14x10mm teardrops free!

DIY Earring design featuring tiny rhinestones and black teardrops

This do it yourself earring design is an example of how you can easily combine tiny rhinestones (set in connector links) and classic teardrops to make a beautiful pair of earrings - without a lot of work :-) 


diy earring design with tiny rhinestone brass connectors and black teardrop jewels


The connectors are shown here with black diamond tiny rhinestones (you can choose from a long list of colors) - and the black teardrops are 14x10 vintage glass stones. The earrings are bold and feminine, but not bulky and heavy. You'll love them :-) 


Winter white vintage glass ovals for earrings BOGO sale

And yes, these are not just "summer earrings".  Wear white all year round. White wool, white and black, does this ring a bell? White is a beautiful neutral and it always looks good. And right now, it's a Deal of the Day!


white vintage glass cabochon earrings or pendant jewels BOGO sale


Buy one pair of these vintage glass cabochons for a pair of earrings for your mom, bff, or for yourself! And use the extra for - well, you tell me. What would you make? 

One day only for a "buy one get one free" BOGO sale - October t, 2017. Don't wait!

Orange and black glass jewels for Halloween

Just saying: if you want true Halloween colors, just for fun, you need orange and black. Like these :-) 



These are available in my shop year round, and the orange vintage glass pears are actually gorgeous like vivid sunshine almost!  (Why does orange make me think of sunshine?)  But this time of year - it's totally Halloween. Love it. 

Clear Heart Pendants or Rhinestone Earrings - BOGO Sale

Heart shaped pendants and earrings are (1) always romantic, and (2) always in style. And for one day only, these minimalistic, classic clear heart pendants or earrings are available for our BOGO (buy one pair get one pair free) sale! 



So for Monday, October 2, 2017, the new Deal of the Day is:  Buy one pair of these clear heart jewels and get one pair free. You choose whether you prefer silver or brass settings, and one-ring or two-ring connector styles. 

No rain checks, so don't wait - get your BOGO deal now! 

Woo hoo! New Deal of The Day - Diamond Shape Rhinestones

New Deal of the Day - yes this is Bogo! Buy one pair, get one pair free (equal or lesser value).  Take a look at these pretty diamond shape rhinestone jewels (click on the pic and see more color choices): 




Purchase any one pair of diamond-shape rhinestone jewels for gorgeous earrings, connector links, or pendants. And the second pair is free. You know you'll love them!

Make personalized jewelry - choose your color!

Using color is one of the easiest ways to make custom, personalized jewelry. Use the birthstones of your customers - or their children's birthstone colors, always a popular idea! 



The examples on my "choose your color" page are just a starting point. Maybe just ask your gift recipient their favorite color! It makes a pair of earrings special - it's easy to do - and personalized jewelry is always just a bit more fun ;-)