Rhinestone earrings - you choose the color

Of course that's always true. When you are making earrings - for yourself, for a gift, or for sale - you're choosing the style, the design, and the color. These multi-stone prong settings just make it easy to create special rhinestone earrings - and you choose the combination of colors :-)



 This picture shows just a few examples - you can request any teardrops you want, and any tiny round stones - and voila! Your own special combo. Personalize these by choosing birthstone colors - or her favorite - or yours. You're the one who decides :-)

Sapphire glass beads and jewels

Just a quick note to show how pretty sapphire blue glass beads can be! These ovals are a great example. They're vintage glass - from the 1950s I believe.



The only reliable clue I have for the date is the original packaging. The jewels (beads) are wrapped in paper - this is very common for rhinestones, especially vintage ones. And the packaging has the importer's name, address, and phone number on it.

Earring design with glass beads and silver charms

Okay, here's a basic blueprint for terrific DIY earrings:  use glass charms, jewels and beads. Combine with metal "ornaments" (hey, a jewelry term!) - in this instance, silver plated leaf charms: 



Of course any colors will work - and most shapes, too. The leaf is a particularly flattering and attractive shape, but you'll find your own favorites. 

The thing is - try experiments. Try mixing elements. It's fun, it works, and that is one of the main pleasures of DIY jewelry design - you can do what YOU want!

Emerald green 30x22mm oval pendant

If you're making a necklace, and you want something easy, quick to make, and gorgeous? Go for a big pendant. A big faceted rhinestone pendant. You'll love it. 


emerald green 30x22 oval rhinestone pendant


The color is fabulous - and flattering. Add a jump ring, slide the jewel onto a pre-made chain (or make your own from fabulous beads and jewels) - and you've got a winning look. 

Easy, affordable, gorgeous. I know I've said this before but it's so true - this is what we want. This is what we love. 

Black Glass Beads and Jewels - Boho and Goth

Just saying:  black is always in style. Black glass beads, black rhinestones, black diamond jewels: they are neutral, they are strong, they are flattering. They are always of the good. 



Black rhinestone earrings. Black pendants with pearls. You name it. I'll be sharing some ideas of the fabulous ways you can use black glass beads. But really, do the words "chic" and "max" ring a bell? Yeah. Black is the new black. 




Rhinestone earrings or pendants for bridal jewelry

Just saying:  rhinestone earrings or pendants are always in style, always pretty, and compared to gemstones....major affordable too. Are you making jewelry for a bride? 



She will love these, made into bridal earrings! Or use the teardrop as a focal pendant surrounded by pearls or crystals.  Or change the tiny stone at the top of the setting into her birthstone color - so you are making personalized jewelry. It's a small detail but can make such a difference! 

Do it yourself. Save money. Make gorgeous jewelry :-)

More DIY earring design ideas

The picture here shows an idea I like to suggest: combine unexpected elements for your own special jewelry designs! For that matter, combine multiple colors, shapes, and metals. Why not? You're the designer. You'll find fun, exciting, attractive combinations of jewelry elements - when you don't always use what you're "supposed to" :-) 



For these ideas, I took different crystal jewel styles I was setting for orders - and combined them. Played with them. Tried stuff. 

Easy DIY earrings - save money - do it yourself

Sometimes we want intricate, fussy, elaborate earrings - I know I love them. But it's pretty wonderful to be able to make easy, quick-to-finish earrings too - when they look as good as these.  



The picture links to the glass teardrops in my shop. Teardrops plus earwires: gorgeous earrings. We shake our heads sometimes - "but hey, that's so easy" - like that's a bad thing. It's not.

Do it yourself. You'll love them - and you'll look great :-)



Clear glass jewels are wonderful for bridal jewelry

Clear glass jewels are perfect for wedding jewelry.

This might not have occurred to some people. Sparkling crystal (foiled) jewelry is classic for bridal and wedding jewelry (and is terrific, don't get me wrong!) But sometimes, a bit of subtlety is lovely. Perhaps a bit of minimalism. Clear glass jewels, nicely faceted, work wonderfully for brides!


clear glass teardrops for pretty bridal earrings and pendants


What are Cushion Cut jewels?

"Cushion cut" is a term you're probably noticing more and more lately, if you're into jewelry and gems and do it yourself jewelry! It's one of the most popular shapes in glass stones (and precious gemstones too).


crystal cushion cut square octagon earrings or pendant beads

"Cushion Cut" is not a new term though - it's just that people are paying attention lately. The term refers to an octagon or square cut stone, with rounded corners. Like, well, a pillow or cushion :-)