Montana sapphire vintage glass jewels

I love montana sapphire - that's a color name for deeper, dusty blue - close to Navy blue (like all glass jewels, there are small variations in color) And these diamond shapes in vintage glass? These are gorgeous :-) 


montana sapphire vintage glass beads in 15x10mm diamond shape


The 15x10mm diamond shape is a terrific size for earring drops - large enough to have style and presence but still comfy. And for pendants? Perfect. Feminine. Affordable.  

Do it yourself - make your earrings or jewelry. Make gifts for your loved ones. This really works :-) 

Peridot green is the August birthstone color

It's just nice to be able to make a pretty necklace or pair of earrings for your August birthday girl - without a ton of work or spending a lot of money. Peridot green is the birthstone color for August (but you knew that). And these are fabulous for earrings!


peridot green glass octagon earrings or pendant jewels


Of course the idea is to make easy DIY jewelry using birthstone colors - but really, peridot is such a friendly and happy color, I'll grab any excuse to use it. Because it's pretty. And fun. And isn't that a good reason?


Sparkling crystal DIY earrings

This DIY earring design can be adapted in so many ways. The basic concept: a sparkling round glass jewel paired with a silver plated leaf charm. Instant gorgeous, feminine accessories :-) 



If you think I'm encouraging the use of classic, simple jewelry components - and not a lot of money - to create your own special sparkling jewelry - you're right :-) 

DIY necklace design idea with crystal octagons

This Do It Yourself necklace design idea incorporates 14x10mm crystal octagons to make a classic necklace "chain" that's simple - and elegant. 



Of course you could use other colors or shapes. Any jewels placed in two ring settings (the loops at each end of the setting) would work beautifully. So if you don't see your favorite color, just ask! But when in doubt it's hard to beat crystal - great for bridal jewelry, great for prom, and fabulous whenever you want some sparkle :-)

Ruby vintage glass beads - the birthstone for July

It's really not too late. If you have a birthday girl born in July, there's still time to get some ruby red vintage glass oval beads and make her a darling pair of earrings or delicate pendant for her birthday :-)



Of course ruby red is not just for July. Christmas is coming. Or anytime you want to wear red - flattering, vivid, gorgeous red. Make something for yourself this time!




Peridot green - birthstone color for August

These peridot green earrings or pendant jewels are perfect for August birthday presents, since peridot is the birthstone for August. And besides, it's such a happy color!


peridot green glass teardrop earrings or pendants



Add a pair of earwires and your earrings are ready! Or make more intricate designs as the spirit moves you - add little beads, pearls, jewels, or tassels of chain - the design possiblities are endless. We'll think up a few and talk about it later. Meanwhile - happy August birthdays!



Personalized necklace with birthstone colors

Again, this is just a basic design idea that can be made personal - and pretty - with a few basic elements. Remember how easy it is to customize - and personalize - using birthstone colors :-)


personalized necklace design using March birthstone color aquamarine and vintage glass white opal octagon connectors


In this necklace design, the "chain" is made with white opal vintage glass connectors. Your focal pendant can be personalized for the customer - in this example, the March birthstone color aqua is used. Run with it!

Wedding and Bridal Jewels

Making jewelry for a bride is one of the most satisfying, creative jobs we jewelry-makers can get! Working with beautiful beads and jewels - for a customer who is in love and wants her jewelry to reflect that - what could be more happy-making? 


crystal bridal and wedding jewels at


Of course there will be a zillion different designs, styles, colors and materials your bride may want. But sparkling crystal stones are classic for a bride - and you can see why. 

What do you want for your own wedding jewelry? 

Deal of the Day

I don't know about you, but I'm always interested when a shop I like offers a "deal of the day". I figure it's a good idea to try it :-) This won't happen every day, but often times? Yes. Like these (click on 'read more' to find out about the deal!) 


aqua cushion cut octagon beads at


This offer is good for July 7, 2017. Buy one pair of the aqua cushion cut octagons shown in the listing linked above, and you get a second pair free! 

Customized birthstone earrings

Just a quick example of how you can customize birthstone earrings (and pendants and bracelets of course). Use the colors of your parents' birthstones as a gift for your mom, or the birthstones of your customer's children, or ... well, you get the idea!



Golden topaz is the birthstone color for November, and crystal (diamond!) is the birthstone for April. You may want to explore multi-stone settings to easily add more than two colors. But whatever design you choose, customizing colors is fun and easy :-)