Personalized Earrings

Another simple (and very practical!) idea is to create personalized jewelry - using color. Making a pair of earrings for your mom? Use the birthstone colors of her - and your dad. Or you and your younger sister. Two colors, two jewels, super easy. Like these: 


earring design using birthstone colors amethyst purple and sapphire blue


These colors - sapphire blue and amethyst purple - represent the birthstone colors for September and February. But you can choose the colors - and birthstones - that you want. Add more jewels, or a different style - and make it personal to your gift-ee, or your customer. She'll love them.

DIY Blue earrings

It's easy to make your own blue earrings. There are a lot more complicated ways to say that, but that's the bottom line: it's easy. It doesn't have to cost a lot. And it's fun. 


sheer montana sapphire blue teardrop earrings or pendant jewels at


And when you make them yourself, you can use simple teardrops, multi-jewel settings, vintage or new glass... you get to decide and choose. And make them. And save a lot of money.  This is good!

Vintage glass beads and jewels

New rhinestones and glass beads are beautiful and I'm so happy I learned to stop being a snob and embrace glass! But even more than new jewels, vintage glass beads and jewels are wonderful. So they're even better than new:  they're new old stock, finding a home now. And I just have to say - customers have been loving the vintage glass! Like these :-) 


sapphire blue vintage glass earrings or pendants with tiny rhinestones


DIY Jewelry - Earrings Design Idea

We all love earrings. They're easy to grab, they add style and chic to your outfit without a lot of work. Tank and jeans? Fine. Add earrings, now you're Dressed.  Adding earrings is one of the quickest ways to show your style, your individuality, your max. 


personalized earrings shown with birthstone colors amethyst purple connectors and jonquil yellow teardrops


Clear rhinestone necklace design

A customer recently asked me to make a simple, minimalist necklace - for her wedding. This was one of the design ideas she loved - and I thought it was worth sharing :-) 

The ingredients for this design? Clear glass rondelles (any small clear beads would work, or you could add a bit of color here) - silver chain, and a clear rhinestone pendant. It's a very workable design - yes, sometimes you want intricate and fussy. But clean and classic is gorgeous too, don't you think? 



Weekend Jewelry - online jewelry supplies shop with new and vintage glass beads and stones

Welcome to Weekend Jewelry, my new online jewelry supplies shop! My goal is to be a great resource for your jewelry supply needs - vintage glass stones, pretty new beads, brass filigrees, and all sorts of fun, unusual, and affordable supplies.  We all need to create sometimes - and we usually need to save money, too. So let's do that! 

sheer glass rhinestone beads in silver plated brass settings