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Earring design with brass filigree flowers and sapphire glass gems

Here's a gorgeous DIY jewelry design idea for earrings or pendants :-) 


earrings made with brass filigree flower charms and sapphire glass oval gems

These elements make a lovely pair of earrings - and they're easy. Attach golden brass jump rings to the top of the sapphire jewel settings - link the same jump ring to one of the small rings on the brass filigree. Add earwires - gold plated brass leverbacks as shown, or earring posts or clip-ons - and your earrings are ready to wear! 

DIY earrings made with brass flowers and glass teardrops

This earring design idea shows how easy it is to make gorgeous earrings!  

Pretty brass flower connectors (with easy to use loops on the back) paired with pretty rhinestlone earring drops - your totally customizable earrings don't have to cost a lot or take hours to make - it's supposed to be fun and easy like this! 

And did I mention adorable and gorgeous!


Earring design idea featuring round glass jewels and silver tone jump rings

A simple, easy to make earring design idea! Use round glass beads (or any shape really, but the round jewels and the round silver tone jump rings - in this case, stainless steel (super sturdy) look great with the shapes "echoing" each other.  The earrings are lightweight and comfy, and have great movement: 

do it yourself design idea featuring round glass jewels and silver tone jump rings



Peridot green - birthstone color for August

These peridot green earrings or pendant jewels are perfect for August birthday presents, since peridot is the birthstone for August. And besides, it's such a happy color!


peridot green glass teardrop earrings or pendants



Add a pair of earwires and your earrings are ready! Or make more intricate designs as the spirit moves you - add little beads, pearls, jewels, or tassels of chain - the design possiblities are endless. We'll think up a few and talk about it later. Meanwhile - happy August birthdays!