Weekend Jewelry - DIY jewelry supplies, new and vintage glass beads and rhinestones

I've always loved vintage jewelry, beads and stones, and the idea of using something that had already been made (so there wasn't even more of a manufacturing footprint). Then one day I found a reliable source of vintage beads and glass jewels. 

They were every bit as beautiful as the semi-precious gemstones I'd been buying to make jewelry in the past. I started using the vintage glass in my own jewelry line - and my customers loved it. So I bought a LOT of vintage glass stones :-) And then decided I could offer them for sale in my online shop. 

I've since expanded so I offer new glass gems as well as vintage - especially jewels I want to be able to re-order, which can be difficult with vintage! But I have to say, the old, unused vintage stock is still my first love.

Along the way I discovered that helping people find just the right jewel, or sharing new goodies, can be as much fun as making jewelry. It's a full-time gig for me - and I still enjoy it. And how lucky is that?