Ruby Red Vintage Glass Oval Beads


There's something extra special about vintage glass beads and jewels. One - they're often really beautiful (take a look at these ruby ovals!) And thse are unused stock  (from the 1950s, I think, from the packaging) which will have a new use - without expanding our manufacturing footprint.  Major perk :-)

These ruby red vintage glass oval jewels are paired with tiny rhinestones to make "multi stone" glass earrings or pendants. They measure 20mm x 10mm in total - about 3/4" x 3/8" (that includes the little ring at the top).

The settings are silver plated over brass, patina brass or golden raw brass - and you pick the color of the tiny rhinestone at the top of the setting (use the drop down menus to pick your tiny stone color and preferred settings). 

You can buy one pair or several pairs with this listing - and if you need more just let me know :-)